Hoii-hoii !!!

Adda yang tahuu tentang MALDIVES gaa sii ?!

Sumpaah yyaa .. ! Negara Maldives itu Negara paling keren sedunia. Negara paling hebat seduniia !!

Gilaa ! zha mau banget ke Maldives !

Maldives :: heaven of world. Everyday is holiday in Maldives.

Maldives is state, which had any flora/fauna, especially which live in sea. Not only that, Maldives have a billion beauty’s ocean. With Blue azure sky, green turquoise water and white sandy beach….

700 km from Sri Lanka, in Hindi ocean terletak Maldives. The most place of any kind fish, it’s a real wonderland. Male as capital of Maldives, is only one a big city. And one of Maldives wonder is Maldives can exchange be a center entertain, than Bali.

Although. Maldives only a group of any atoll island than Bali. Walau Bali mempunyai banyak pegunungan, and any high mount, itu ga akan bisa bikin Maldives kehilangan kehebatannya. Lost her wonderland. Since I know about Maldives from my friend, I had one obsession to go there. Not only that, gue juga mau jadi warga Negaranya. Why? Cause Maldives is a calm state. So different with Indonesia. More Moslem in there, and Maldives is democratic state. Subhanallah…!! And Maldivian people so friendly with other.

Subhannallah..!! Although, I only look Maldives from picture. But, I can fell how happiness are Maldivian people. Can life in the greatest place of world. I never know, if the small place, Small Island, smallest state can be wonderful place. Had any the best of the best nature. Though there are didn’t have mount.

Bayangin dongg !!

In there, we can look stranger fish (kaloo gaa salaa sii namanyaa gituu >< ) every day. If in here, we only can look if visit to sea world (ANCOL) at JAKARTA. Not only that, in Maldives Ocean, any kind of small fish and extinct fish. And, do you know baby’s shark? A wild animal, so extremely well. What a surprise!! If everyday when come to the beach we look that!!

Astaghfirullahhal adzim !!

Kebayang gaa siih ? gimana merindingnyaa… apalgi ikan stranger yang dikenal punya badan dengan panjang dua meter(lebii kalee!), dan lebarnya nyampe 1,5 meter..!! berenang-renang santai di pantai tenangnya maldives !!

Its look like DREAM WORLD !!

I’d say that you’d better go to Maldives now. . !! ^^


Saking gue kepengenn banged ke MALDIVES tauu gaa sih..? gue ampee mimpii tuju malemm beturut” tentang Maldives, tentang orang-orang Maldives, dan laen”nya.

First day, I dream about Maldives. In my dream, I go to Maldives when holiday. And I around all island. I meet with Maldivian people. So friendly. In my dream, they’re never meet me, but they’re so welcome when I come. Like old friend.

Harii kedua, gue mimpi, gue pergi keliling Maldives, sea picnic bareng temen” baruu gue di Maldives. Yang pasti banyak banget di sono temen” gue.

Sayangnya.. sayang seribu sayang. Itu Cuma mimpi gue seminggu yang lalu. Gue gamauu Cuma mimpii doangg !!! gue moo ke sonoo !!!

Ighh. Too BAD !! All only dream. I won’t only dream about Maldives and anything!

Only three word to draw about that beautiful place. Maldives consist of sand, sea, sky. Triple ‘S’. Is wrong my argument?

Great !!

How wonderful !!

I can’t say how pleased I am !!

I’m very pleased with that state !!

I believe, I can go there !!

Ococ .. !!

Gue mestii belajar yang bener . biar bisa lulus kedokteran . terus baru deeh . gue ajak tuu bokap-nyokap pergii ke sanaa !!

Ee . .ee . .mm …

Tapii, kelamaan kaloo gue mesti lulus duluu L . kaloo gitu, kapan dongg gue bisaa ke Maldives ??

Next holiday in June, I would check up my eye in Singapore. Holiday in December, I think I can’t. Cause its New Year holiday. The time to have fun with my family in Yogyakarta. And, in the next year, I must study hard to get the best university. Like my father. I must get Indonesia of University, Gajah Mada University, or.. I think I must get Soedirman University. It’s my father wishes.

So, until one year ago I can’t go to Maldives. In Holiday of June next year, I think I was busy search university for me. So…

I only can free holiday in December next year. Yaggh . . !! L L .. padahal gue pengen banged ke sonoo . . !!

Superficially if I won’t to go there. But, a lot of time, make me must waiting until next year. One years again… be patient, Zha J


The small state which have 1190 island.. and there island are grouped into 26 big atoll. I’m afraid I don’t know atoll…^^”

Maldives can we called “the last paradise on earth”. Cause the tropical island still original, clean, and surely beautiful. With Blue Ocean, white sandy and so smooth like ice sugar.

For scuba driver, Maldives must be Dream Island. Cause had so beautifully undersea nature, wreck, reef, Napoleon fish, Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, turtle, White Tip and Hammerhead Sharks. Maldives still had any miracles, except that. In the some month, a dolphin grouped always swims in Maldives Ocean. Amount of dolphin can until hundred or thousand. (Sorry, I don’t know its fact or imaginations, but it’s only argument from some article)…

In mind, Maldives only imaginations place. Hahaha* LEBAII!! It’s over mind.

Everyday I always dream about that private island.

Maldives is cleanest island. Maybe, same with Singapore. Had small area. Smallest island, with a billion of great decoration environment. The different from their, if Singapore is metropolitan state. And Maldives is full of originally nature state.

Yap, the text above only my argument. I never know the really from Maldives. But, I think my argument 100% right. Surely, right.

Haha* I said my argument without know the fact of all. ^^” .

But about Singapore, I really know that. Cause, every year I visit Singapore… now, I have obsession. My obsessions are to get the best university, and holiday in Maldives. Help me..!

Help me please!!

If u knows something about Maldives, or travel agent to go there

Or if u knows about resort online in Maldives

Thanks a billion if u can help me…

If u knows about Maldives, travel agent, entertain of Maldives, or greatest island in there, nice place,.. or what the best I do in there

Tell me please. Thanks for your attention. m a l d i v e s (8)

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